How do legacy 300mm+ lenses do on Nex system?

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all over the place

svgklingon wrote:

I just got my first legacy lens. A Minolta MD Rokkor X 50mm 1.7. I love it. The weather has not been very nice since I got it but as soon as I get out and take some nice pics I'll be sure to post them.

Now that I've got my first legacy lens, I know this is going to be an expensive habit. I'm curious as to how well large tele lenses do on the adapter. 300+ I'm thinking. I am going to Yellowstone next month and think a zoom larger than my SEL 55210 might be nice for distant wildlife.



Performance of legacy tele zooms (and even primes) is all over the place, but most of them suffer from softness and CA. The best legacy zoom I found so far in 300mm range was Pentax-FA 100-300mm f/4.7-5.8. It's on the slow side, but very good colors, very good contrast and resolution in the whole range starting from wide open. The other lenses I've tried Minolta/Kiron/Nikon/Canon/Sigma required stopping down and still weren't as good in all mentioned areas. I also have SEL55210, which is excellent in 55-100 range, ok at 150mm, and pretty poor at 210mm. It also requires stopping down on the long end to get some useful sharpness.

Pentax-FA 100-300mm

Pentax-FA 100-300mm

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