E-P5 images leaked

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Re: E-P5 images leaked

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The tilt LCD is nice, even though with the 4:3 format, composing on the LCD is not great because of the black bars.

The E-Px series don't have black bars they show you a FF 4:3 picture. It's the E-Plx which have a smaller display and show the bars.

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i read somewhere that the e-p5 LCD will be 3:2 format. Probably a typo? Wouldn't make sense, I suspect.

Actually, the E-P3's LCD is 3:2--according the dpreview's review.  But any black bars left on the 3:2 display probably won't be too bad--certainly not as bad as in the 16:9 E-PMx/E-PL3/5 displays.

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