LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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Re: LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

Detail Man wrote:

I find DxO's rectiliear (barrel, pincushion) distortion corrections to be higher quality than the corrections that LR/CR, Silkpix, RAW Therapee, etc. perform using the Panasonic data. The corrections appear to based on a more complicated process which does more than correct from a single point in the center of the image-frame. I cannot replicate it using Lightroom or RAW Therapee. Have not tried, but strongly suspect the same is true where it comes to Silkypix.

I don't have experience with this combination, but in general PTLens also does a good job for distortion correction, resulting in much better corner sharpness than LR/CR or in-camera processing. Probably those more complicated distortion corrections cannot be done in-camera at the time

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