LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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Re: Distortion is the best compromise

Samuel Dilworth wrote:

Of the three latest LX-series cameras, the LX7 has the worst wide-angle distortion by far – necessary to squeeze such a fast and sharp lens into such a small package (barely bigger than the LX5, but twice as bright). The LX5 has the least distortion, and the LX3 is in between, though closer to the LX5 than the LX7.

Going to 24 mm-e in itself is not the problem. The problem is making such a lens both very fast and very small in size (and cheap too!). The Sony RX100 only goes to 28 mm-e, but because it’s fast and extremely miniaturised it has very similar distortion to the LX7 at 24 mm-e (and it’s soft in the corners even before distortion correction).

Yes, these compacts are all a compromise, and I don't like the trade-off between lens size and image quality. I'm a huge fan of 24mm and when looking at images from recent compacts, those from the LX7 were probably still the best (most natural looking) in the corners that I could find - better than Canon S100/110 or even the 28mm setting from RX100.

It's not just the 'stretching' from distortion correction, but also the correction for vignetting etc. that produces all kinds of artifacts like increased noise and sometimes hue shift in the corners. LX7 does pretty well there. For really high corner quality in a compact the only option seems to be using prime lenses (e.g. Ricoh GR, unfortunately only 28mm effective). Seems there is not sufficient demand in the market for a compact camera with best possible image quality and a bit bigger lens ...

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