D200 hits 150K shots...

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Re: D200 hits 150K shots...great thing about Nikon

Gpruitt54 wrote:

This is great news.  Last week I picked up a D200 body used, from Adrorama (I love them and I've bought lots of gear from there over the years).  Anyway, my D200 had only 14,800 shutter count and the camera body was in perfect condition.  It is encouraging to hear of the durability of these cameras.  I upgraded from a D70, which was good to me while I had it, but the D200 I now own is a totally different ball game, at least for me.  First, it’s a tank (metal body) and the features are outstanding.

I'm a happy dude!

Well done. I realized that is one major, major thing about Nikon, that you can always buy a very good used, low actuation camera body cheaply, if you need. Yes, for three hundred dollars or so (even less for some like the D80, D70 and older).

Whether a used D90, D80, D200 (D300 now dropping due to recent releases) or D70.

It is great to have this in case you need a fast replacement and your camera goes on the bunk.

Canon has too, but it seems the selection is not quite as wide, when one looks online on the used sites, I think.

And all of these can produce excellent images. Was looking at a specific lens the other day and some of the photos were with D300, some with D200...and wow.....what images.

It is great that the new releases bring the cost of good, low actuation bodies down, which is how I got my D300 also.

Just a few years ago professionals were using these for work (and some still do), so they are darned good no doubt. Plus, the D200 and D300 meter with AI lenses and both have prism viewfinders which are large and great to use (to me anyway). The D300 I have is soooo responsive, a joy to use.


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