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Re: 10 in a row

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Heck, even you mentioned having a "poor DOA rate" with WD Green Drives. So, perhaps you got some from a better batch when you RMAd them.

actually, I've had poor DOA rates with all 2tb models I've seen, aside from the Samsung (which is now owned by Seagate)

Perhaps I've just been lucky with Seagate, and unlucky with Western Digital.  But, when you have multiple WD Green Drives with problems, even though they're different models and sizes, all with the same symptoms (sector read errors, with the drive firmware just marking them as "pending" versus reallocating them to spares), you'd probably avoid WD Green drives going forward, too.

Sure.  Anyone would move on.   But unless your experience includes 100s or 1000s of units over a multi year period, the experience probably isn't statistically significant.  Put it this way - WD can't afford to meet their warranty obligations at the failure rate you assert is endemic to the line.

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