My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

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Re: My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

Anders W wrote:


Excellent job Anders and thanks for taking time for sharing. Just one thought about the shim.

Now let's look at the baffle-holder assembly from the back. As you can see, it does not leave room for the three wings in the same way as the baffle originally designed for the 7-14. There is an inner ring, that protrudes half a mm or so (upwards in this picture) from the broader platform surrounding it. This means that the baffle-holder assembly will land on the "wings" surrounding the rearmost element rather than on the mount when you try to put it in place. Consequently, you would put considerable tension on the plastic if you were to tighten the screws.

To resolve this problem, you need to insert a shim of some kind between the mount and the baffle-holder assembly. Ordinary washers are unlikely to work well for this purpose since the risk that they would fall down into the innards of the lens when mounting or dismounting the baffle-holder assembly would be extremely high. So I looked for another solution.

This would bug me a little, particularly the protruding into the body aspect. The inner ring looks primarily cosmetic but perhaps forms a basic protective seal too.I would probably prefer to mill some cut-outs into the ring so it fits over the wings. A mounted Dremel would do the trick, or mark it up and pay $5 to a student at a local technical college if you don't have a Dremel.

From what you recall of the assembly, would this approach work and get rid of the extra protrusion?

One final point, you should consider copying and publishing this into DPR Article format. It would get more visibility and better site-wide indexing, and be easier to refer people to rather than a growing list of bookmarks to historic posts. I recall DPR also promised some type of brownie points for publishing articles but I've not seen anything further on that.

Thanks again for sharing


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