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Guy Parsons
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Definitely an almost lens....

tedolf wrote:

Get it!

Got it !

Might not make necessarily make great images (remember that it's me pressing the buttons) but gets the brain working to try and make the most of it.

I want to see what you can do with it.

So do I.

Rather awkward to focus but getting used to it. Holding the camera and pulling back the front ring and getting it parallel or whatever and then using thumb to shoot seems to work for me. Tried VF-2 but really no real advantage to seeing focus over the LCD, but not sunny today so not a real comparison.

Even on M4/3 the good part of the image circle is rather small so on APS-C or FF it would be a bit basic to say the least. Definitely a cheap lens but will be fun to get used to. Definitely a waste of money, but hey, I have heaps of it to spend before I fall off the twig !

Here shown at closest focus of something like 18 inches maybe. The spring loaded sink plunger thing allows bending in any direction and pulling back with the fingers to get infinity focus.

Lensbaby Spark Nikon fit on E-PL5

Nikon fit lens hence the Kiwi adapter bought from here in Oz.

My thoughts are that the 50mm focal length is rather too long to have fun with on M4/3, better if it were to be much shorter focal length.

No sample shots until I manage to do something interesting with it.

Regards...... Guy

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