How do legacy 300mm+ lenses do on Nex system?

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Re: How do legacy 300mm+ lenses do on Nex system?

ebookman wrote:

It starts with Minolta, Pentax and Olympus lenses and then you discover the M mount for Leica, Voigtlander and Zeiss M mount lenses and you try one. They are so light on your Nex. They are so sharp on your Nex. After a while all other lenses look and feel like cut-off baseball bats.

So true.

Back on topic. It depends on the lens. I don't know the Tokina 60-300 but I once had a Tokina SD 100-300/4 that didn't get acceptably sharp at any distance until f/11 and even then it wasn't fantastic. At least from about 200-220mm on -- it was fine below that but you're not interested in that range.

These days I use an old Leitz (there's that L word again...) Telyt 400mm that is excellent from near MFD to infinity. It's long and has a weird slide focus, but quite light. The Apo-Telyt 400 would be even better (and shorter), but those are much heavier and much^2 more $$$$.

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