What makes Pentax special?

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Re: What makes Pentax special?

Hello. I actually recently gave up my T3i and switched systems, to pentax. There were a few big reasons for me. The only two systems offering filterless DSLRs are nikon (D800/D7100) and Pentax (k5-IIs). Also wanting built in IS, Pentax was the better choice. Another reason is, while nikon has better AF tracking, I almost always use center point only, and my k5 is one of only 2 cameras capable of -3EV focusing. From what I have read they will offer focus peaking on all future models, which was useful on my rebel. Finally, the best selection of WS lenses. I looked at everything and Pentax offered the best of all except AF tracking. The only two reasons I would advise against pentax is for pro lvl tracking, or if you needed FF right now. Other than that Pentax seems the best option.

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