Lack of VR in Nikon 300mm f4 - big deal or not?

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Re: Went ahead and ordered it!

AustinTed wrote:

Congrats.  Let us know your experience.  I currently have one to evaluate.  I'm having some mixed feelings so maybe everyone can provide some feedback.

I'm trying the 300mm f4 with a 1.7x TC as a low cost way to get to 500mm.  On a D700 the results are quite good and it's hand holdable and fun.  On D800 I find it much more frustrating, challenging, and difficult.  I find myself needing 2x the shutter speed to get crisp results at 100% and of course the flaws with the TC start become visible so cropability is limited.  Given the need for a higher shutter speed on the D800, one can run out of ISO headroom pretty quickly too. Again... attempting to hand hold.

So now I'm torn.  The 300mm f4 has great reach with wonderful color rendering.  Things would be just about perfect if it had VR so I could recover some light.

The new 80-400mm is quite attractive aside from price due to the VR, but 400mm seems barely enough and with the 80-400mm rounded up interpretation of 400mm perhaps very questionable.  A 1.4x TC can be added to the 80-400mm, but somehow I'm not sure if this is viable.

Has anyone been satisfied with the 300mm + 1.7x tc on a d800?

I have used the 300 F4 Af-S with the Nikon 1.7TC EII and have not been happy with the results at all. This mind you is on a D7000 not D800. For my combo purchasing the TC was a complete waste of money. After I reviewed the TC in best possible controlled conditions and not being satisfied with it, I have packed it up and not used it since. I should sell it I guess.

Used to love the lens until a car accident resulted in some soft drink being spilled on it. Once it dried up it became sticky. Since the Nikon service it has not been the same. Nowhere near as sharp. I am gutted.

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