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Re: E-P5 + EVF versus OM-D

RichRMA wrote:

With the EVF, you are probably at  the price point (or near it) of the OM-D.  Why buy this model?  What outstanding feature does it have that would make it more attractive?  Possibly pocketability with a pancake lens and no EVF?

Well, the E-PL5 gives a few clues as to what the E-P5 may be like. The extra features over the E-M5 that for me make life nicer include.....

♦ Ability to assign MySets to the Mode dial, spectacularly useful!

♦ Set the focus point(s) to be smaller, and stay that way at turn off/on.

♦ Enable the OIS in non-switched lenses, a stabilised preview at 150mm on a Pen sure is nice. Sure the E-M5 has that via IBIS but I don't use viewfinders so the E-M5 is of no use to me. If E-P5 has the good IBIS then this item does not matter.

♦ There probably will be some more features new and interesting yet to be discovered.

Let us wait until announcements and the user manual is available before getting too carried away with wishful thinking. Meanwhile, go take photos with what you have now, the world might end tomorrow and the E-P5 would then never happen!

Regards...... Guy

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