GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: I do.

ultimitsu wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

From the ground you should be able to identify exactly where in the photo the focal plane is. It's approximately the front edge of the sideways brick in front of the pebble, or, about the tip of the dogs nose. You are, I presume, comparing shadowed areas with shadowed areas?

it is rather obvious the focus plane is a bit behind the dog's head.

Behind the dog's head, hmmmm? How far back along the dog is it? By the collar? Back legs? Maybe describe, or draw an arrow showing where on the dog you think the focal plane is.

Second, I don't have to shoot the exact same image as you. I can shoot anything I like, with any lens I like. It's pretty easy to tell if the focus is accurate enough or not, even with a slow lens. Don't worry. I'm used to people who want to shift the goalposts. I'd like to know what happens if I go out and grab a very shallow DoF, "fast action" photo. What's the next request?

you can do anything you like but they do not prove your point.

Can't say I've seen too many (anyone?) people claim M4/3s C-AF is better than a DSLRs PDAF.

they say it is as good, it is false.

Who does? I've seen people make the claim for Single shot AF (Which is actually often true). Haven't seen very many people claim Continuous-AF is better though. Maybe you can post some links.

I have however seen some very stupid DSLR users make blanket claims that M4/3s cannot get shots like these, followed by posting birds, dogs and bees.

the only stupid people are those who disagree without being able to prove it.

You don't quite seem to get it. Your entire methodology is flawed. The difference between C-AF on M4/3s and DSLR comes down to a percentage of successful shots. You're arguing that a single photo proves M4/3s can't focus fast enough, yet there's heaps of photos in the M4/3s forums that prove your particular claim wrong. You'll end up moving the goalposts as people take up your challenge. You'll claim DoF isn't small enough, or that the conditions were different, or eventually that's it's not the same "because", while ignoring the fact that the focal plane is pretty easy to determine. Then you'll forget all about the examples posted and the reasons why your methodology is flawed and continue blathering with no clue or interest in determining the actual reality.

As you can tell from my gallery, the C-AF from m4/3s is hardly the penalty you keep claiming it to be.

it cannot, i can see it in your gallery.

It cannot what?'s gear's gear list
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