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Re: [nx300] Continuous shooting high - Please please Samsung ignore it

Knallberto wrote:

Sell your NX300! My friend will pay $ 49.99 for it! Or hope for an update with 25 RAWs per sec. !

Then you can make your fantastic earth-shattering never before seen photos.

Often I think: are there pubescent children...

I don't usually do this, but I will make an analogy, especially for you:

If you buy a new car, and it says that it is capable of a top speed of 200km/h, but it can only do that for 400 meters, and the rest of the time only go at 80km/h.  Are you not going to question this? You could be a perfect driver at 80km/h - you don't need to go any faster.

When you have a new toy, you expect it to perform according to specifications.  And when you trade in your old toy for a new one, you do it because you believed them when they said that the new one will be better. Period!

If you do not care about this issue, why are you commenting? What right do you have to decide for others, what is important to them, as features? And personal insults? How old are you? You have been making NUMEROUS posts in the forums insulting other participants.

If you're not happy about people trying to find a solution or discussing an issue (especially during the launch period where the kinks are still getting ironed out of a new product), then why don't you just get a life? Your frequent insults to members do not serve any useful purpose -they only make you appear like an arrogant narcissist with anger problems.

Why not go find a useful purpose to your life and stop wasting our time?

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