What makes Pentax special?

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From someone who switched away...

I switched to Nikon for full frame (D800) and and better lighting options (which I still really need to take advantage of). Though recent Pentax rumours are interesting, I'm still not convinced. Beyond that, though, Pentax meets or exceeds.

On ergonomics, I find them basically a match in comparison between the K-5 and D800. The D800 AF button is a little more convenient for a left eye dominant shooter like me, but that's about the only real difference. Both feel superb in the hand.

On image quality, I find them basically a match again. That's probably not much of a surprise, they're both using Sony sensors and making them perform better than Sony can.

On weather sealing, Pentax exceeds. If you want to shoot in almost anything nature has to offer, then you have to move Pentax very high on your list. It's a simple call when you look at the details.

On legacy support, Pentax exceeds. Clearly, Pentax reaches back way into its history for lens support and then manages to image stabilize them, not an option on the Nikon or Canon line. That's pretty darn useful, some of that old glass for the Pentax mount remain as some of the best ever made and you can often get them for a song.

So, from my perspective, Pentax is still a significant choice worth buying.

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