E-P5 images leaked

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Re: E-P5 images leaked

marike6 wrote:

I agree with most of the comments about the VF.  It really should be integrated in this class of camera.  For most, VFs are not optional.  Even though cameras without EVFs are usable, the shooting stance of holding your arms out in front of your face is not stable as you don't have the point of contact created by the VF against your face.

The EP-5, when you add the VF-4 it become quite bulky.  At that point, why not just use a DSLR or the EM5, GH3, or G6?  What is the benefit other than just being a new camera?

The tilt LCD is nice, even though with the 4:3 format, composing on the LCD is not great because of the black bars.

most? define most. most on this forum? sure. most buyers? no evidence of that.

i started using a camera long ago without an evf.  many of the younger generation started that way. many simply don,t need an evf. like i asked in an earlier post, why is what one potential buyer want more important than what another doesn't want? I think its a valid question to ask.

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