Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: but your mirrorless camera smokes your canon

Dave Luttmann wrote:

it has nothing to do with pulling shadows.  If you understood how metering works, you wouldn't keep repeating the same nonsense.  And yes, the nikon D800 smokes the Canon 5D3.  Sorry that offends you.

LOL.  so-called 14-stop DR from Sony Exmore sensors don't jump out automatically.  Sony sensor is only better than Canon sensor 0.5 stop in highlight clipping so not a big deal in this regard, and 2-stop in shadow.  To leverage that 2-stop in shadow, you'd really need to expose on highlight then pull deep dark shadow 3-6 stops to see big difference that only result to crappy and noisy surreal-look photos.  We have seen too many such extreme-shadow pulling games that are pathetic.  Most people expose normally on mid-tone then you will not see much difference.

Smoke 5D3?  I have those 5D3 photos ready to answer your challenge.  Where is your D800 as nobody ever see a single D800 photo from you?  Let's see amazing DR in real world photos?  make sure you don't smoke yourself

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