Paper Differences - Lustre/Semi Gloss

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Re: Paper Differences - Lustre/Semi Gloss

kenwj wrote:

"The Luminous Landscape" site

Product reviews under C.

"The Paper That Almost Got Away, Canson Platine." near the end of the Cs.

After reading that article click on the link below for the Mike Heckler review of the paper on Wyofoto.

Two very good reviews of the paper.

OK, I had read both of these a while back, and in rereading, I still don't see anything on the composition of the paper - perhaps I missed it.

I use Canson-Infinity Platine Fibre Rag. I have used it since the problems with Crane-Museo Silver Rag. I haven't use Arches Platine for a long, long while; so I don't remember the surface. Arches Platine is an 'uncoated' paper often used for Platinum/Palladium wet process prints.

I am still dubious, that without something more definite, there isn’t a baryta layer on Canson Platine Fibre Rag.

Brian A

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