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And lets compare this...


A sunny day in the kids school and the Rugby game is on. I need to shoot 600 mm for some close in action shots!

6D + 600 mm = 1736 + 12799  = 14,535 USD,  3920 + 667 = 4587 gram

OMD + 75-300 mm = 549 + 949 = 1,498 USD, 325 + 423 = 748 gram

Better IQ in the FF? Sunny day, so probably not very much, if even noticable when sending the pics to the other parents.

14,535 USD for some school pictures... nope! 1,498? Sure, why not?

748 gram. Great! Can run around the field or walk over to the other parents for a small chat. 4587 gram, well...

My point again is that mft is a different system for different purposes that sometimes (like above) simply beats FF in some conditions. And to be fair, the opposite is sometimes true as well. And thats why I would not (for my needs) give up neither one of them...

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