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ESP doesn't need.......

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So the OP has stated clearly that he's not an advanced photographer, and you are going to suggest MF lenses that don't use the Multi-Segment (or ESP) metering of m43 cameras?

What are you talking about? Of course ESP metering can be used regardless of which kind of lens you use.

That needs checking out, somewhere in the dim parts of my brain (there's many) I seem to remember that "foreign" lenses revert to centre weighted metering. Not an issue for me so never tested to see if true.

Just took the trouble of checking by putting the Samyang 7.5/3.5 FE on my E-M5. Since the camera is now aware that an unknown lens is mounted, without electrical connection to the body, it should prevent me from choosing ESP if that mode wouldn't work. But I can select it without trouble.

It selects ESP, but reverts to Center Weighted.  There is no way without electrical contacts that a legacy lens can use ESP metering as no distance information is being transmitted to the body from the lens.

distance information to work.

It is just another name for Matrix metereing.

It's the same with flash metering.  Only TTL metering, not i-TTL with legacy glass mounted with for example, a dumb adapter.

It's just like when use an adapted Nikkor lens on the GH2.  It uses Center waited as with the "dumb" adapter there is no distance information being transmitted to the body so it is impossible for Multiple (multi-zone) metering to function properly.


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