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Clueless Wanderer
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Re: Most Aptly Chosen Username Ever

drh681 wrote:

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

Fave Photog wrote:

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

Clueless drivel

I try to find the good in everybody.  You're a smashing success at choosing usernames.

And here it is BA BOOM!
In an earlier posting I mentioned about how when people on forums want to punch below the belt they resort to attacking punctuation or spelling. I missed one other out. Attacking the username.
To be honest I thought it was going to happen way before now, but kept quiet on that subject to see if it did happen in the end. AND HERE WE ARE
Name calling? Its interesting how something so old can act so child like.. Would you be pulling my hair too if I was within reach?

Why do you thrive on contention?

Is your life so bereft of human interaction that you need to irritate others just to know you can get a response?

I bet you threw a lot of food when you were a younger child.

I just came in and offered an opinion. Barrie started the mud slinging and I refused to back away from his arrogant stance. I don't question his credentials as a photographer, just his credentials for being a balanced human being. That attitude of "If you don't agree with me, your against me" Is the Dinosaur I talk of.

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