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kelpdiver wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

But, that's not even the main issue (although I suspect the excessive load cycles contribute to the drive problems with WD Green Models).  Sector Read errors inside of a year of use is the issue I've had with them, even though SMART data showed the firmware hadn't reallocated any bad sectors to spares (leaving them in a "pending reallocation" state instead.

IMO, that's horrible behavior, since users may not realize their disk drive is what's causing their issues until they lose important data.

You don't.  I will.   ZFS scrubbing tells me if read errors are present.  A gradual failure of this nature will be visible in advance.

Again, you're selling your personal experience as the normal expected experience, without suitable foundation to do so.

Suitable foundation, huh?

All of the  WD Green drives I've purchased so far (not even the same models or sizes), had the same problems (premature problems due to sector read errors, with none of the bad sectors mapped to spares, only seeing sectors that are "pending" reallocation in the SMART data queries instead).

Yep... that's my personal experience with them.

But, of course, if you want the experience of others, just read through the customer reviews at vendors.   From what I can see of the customer reviews of WD Green Models at, most of them average 3 out of 5 stars, with *lots* of 1 star reviews in the mix due to premature drive failures..

I do see one model (a 2TB WD Green Drive) that managed to make an average of 4 stars.  But, that's the exception to the norm from what I can see there.

Heck, even you mentioned having a "poor DOA rate" with WD Green Drives. So, perhaps you got some from a better batch when you RMAd them.

In any event, my personal experience with them has been very bad (and I'm not alone, judging from customer reviews at vendor sites).

Sure, Seagate doesn't have the greatest of reputations either.  But, as mentioned in my first post to this thread, if I were looking for a "budget high capacity drive" (as the OP appears to be doing), I'd avoid the WD Green drives and go with the new Seagate model I mentioned instead, as it's using a brand new design (and it's got 10 positive customer reviews *in a row* now at -- with 9 out of 10 of those reviews rating it a 5 stars), which is something I don't see skimming through the reviews of any of the WD Green Models there.

BTW, I've *never* had a Seagate drive fail (for example, I've got a 1TB 7200.09 model that's been working great for years).

Perhaps I've just been lucky with Seagate, and unlucky with Western Digital.  But, when you have multiple WD Green Drives with problems, even though they're different models and sizes, all with the same symptoms (sector read errors, with the drive firmware just marking them as "pending" versus reallocating them to spares), you'd probably avoid WD Green drives going forward, too.

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