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new 18-135 STM is fast and not laggy, but if serious, better off Panasonic

Actaully your wrong about Canon 18-135mm STM.  The new STM is awesomely quick in AF.  Take a look at this comparison between 18-135 vs 18-135 STM:

The focus is not only silent, but quick.

Anyhow, if you are as SERIOUS of a Videographer, what are you doing here in Canon forum.  I would highly suggest you take a closer look at Panasonic GH2 and GH3

I had a Panasonic GF2 for shooting video, even its 14-42mm kit lens is completely silent and continuous AF is ultra fast.  Whats more, I can Focus Pull with simple press of GF2 lcd screen.

One of the problem with Manual Focusing while shooting video is that your tweaking motion distrub the stable shots, resulting in a video with obvious sudden judder here and there.  I find it smoother to just rely on Panasonic touch AF.  A light touch doesn't negatively affect my shot.

Most Panasonic lens are HD (video optimized), most are quiet in operation.  Go to m43 forum and poke around.

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