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I shoot at 8 fps mostly when I want fast burst rate. It helps overcome crappy lighting conditions.

My camera must be a little primitive since when I shoot in poor lighting at 8fps the light level remains unchanged.  What works for me is adding light (a flash or two).

How did you arrive at the above conclusion?

I should have explained. I didn't use the right words. With lighting conditions, I meant, when there is not enough light to achieve a good quality photo. Instead of raising ISO, I burst a bunch of shots. Usually a few end up turning out sharp.

That would not work since the EVs would remain unchanged for the burst.  What is more bursting in good light the a57's focus system can't keep up.  The focus system slows down and misses even more as light drops.  Not unique to the a57 most cameras struggle there.

The way to get good photos in poor light is to either add light or expose correctly for existing light.

It's not about exposure, but about trying to get a sharp photo, is what I meant. It's hard to get a photo come out sharp at 1/40 or slower. A percentage of photos succeed if you happen to hold the camera still and when the toddler happens to hold his head still. But when I do this 20 times, a few come out ok.

I think a lot of us do this if we're honest about it. I will sometimes machine gun a burst at slow rate hoping to get a smile from a baby. I often do at a faster rate at birds in flight, hoping for a sharp one.

Take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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