Solid State Drive in Vista 64

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Look at the banners, look at their twitter pages...

Bearmann wrote:

Actually, I just bought a laptop for my wife this week from the Dell outlet. The thing that I don't like about the pre-configured computers is that they usually come with only two drive bays. I have 3 internal hard drives now and expect to add the fourth at some point. Plus, my computer is really quiet. It seems that there has never been a better time to buy a computer, though. The prices have just fallen through the floor, especially refurbished. For some reason though, they aren't sending me the coupon codes anymore. I can't figure it out.


Yea.. expandability can be a downside (unless you buy one of the higher end Precision workstation models with more drive bays, higher wattage PSU, etc.)

But, it's easy enough to go external for more storage anymore.  Heck, I got a 4 Bay Enclosure with an eSATA card included (6GB/s SATA III model with port multiplier features) for only $79.99 not long ago from (using a promo code from one of their e-mail specials, since I stay on their specials list, too).  Some of the USB 3.0 enclosures are reasonably priced anymore, too.  You just have to watch for the sales and promo codes. 

Most of the Dell boxes (mini-tower models anyway) use standard ATX PSUs, too (so it's not that hard to upgrade the PSU if you need something with more wattage for a higher performance video card).  Just check customer reviews at places like to make sure others have tried them in a given dell box first (since some of them can be a "tight fit" in the smaller MT cases).  I did that to one a while back (replaced a 350 Watt PSU with a 575 Watt model from )

As for the e-mails from Dell, you may want to make sure they're not ending up in your e-mail spam folder (or just sign up for them again).   Another way to see a lot of their specials and coupons is to check their twitter page at

They also show some of specials online if you go to the main page for Dell Outlet at  and select either Home or Business; where they'll often show some some banners pointing to sales and coupons. For example, I see a banner pointing to this page on the home side right this minute:

Or, look at the banners at the top of the Business Outlet pages, and you'll see similar deals.  For example, the "rotating" banners at the top of this page include the 30% off coupon code I just got via an e-mail from Dell Outlet Business this morning:

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