Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: viewfinder differences?

Spot on jr. And Olympus still makes the majority of its m43 cams without an EVF. Sigh! And fanboys waffle on about the marvelous sensor (true) and the marvelous IBIS (true in the EM5 and upcoming E-P5 but rubbish in the other two Oly cams) and ignore the EVF issue. Don't they get it? you’ve got to be able to see your subject so you can use the sensor and IBIS!!!

Cheers, geoff

Yes. I think huge mistake for Olympus to drop the built in flash from EPL5 and EM5. Even Nikon 1 low end models have built in flash. I have it with my EPL1 so not in a rush to buy EPL5. I would want popup flash and attachable EVF at same time especially now with $99 dollar sale on VF3.

Was it a cost reason to have attachable flash for latest Olympus or they could not fit into body? EP5 will be a good seller with this feature added and price below EM5 to those that might have bought a EM5 I think.

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