What makes Pentax special?

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Re: What makes Pentax special?

Hi vjk2, I remember you from the olympus board.  Maybe my own DSLR wanderings will help you.  I had always used pentax for a film SLR.  I remember folks with much more money than I going for Canikons with 100% viewfinders and the IS and VR lenses when they first came out.

When I finally made the move to a DSLR I was torn.  Was it the time to make a canikon jump or stick with pentax?  Folks on these boards, including the canon and nikon boards guided my choice.  I was doing a lot of landscapes at the time and of the "entry level" cameras only pentax offered depth of field preview and a glass pentaprism. So it was pentax that I bought.

When about six years ago I devolped carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.  To give them a rest I bought a used E410 and two kit lenses.  Then about two years ago (wrists had long since been operated on) I decided to upgrade my camera.  While trying to choose between pentax and olympus, an olympus E620 became avaliable to me very cheaply so my choice was made.

A few weeks ago I was giving serious thought to what I really wanted/needed in a camera system.  A week later my E620 started showing signs of impending self destruction.  Now choosing a new camer and/or system became more  than an exercise.

I chose the pentax K5.  For my money I am getting a weather/dust resistant body (the camera's not mine ), a glass pentaprism with 100% view,and  backwards compatability with older lenses..just like you have tried with your olympus, but with older pentax lenses you won't need an adaptor.  just read the review of the K5 and you will find a list of all of it's features.  You will also find a deeper system of lenses in pentax than olympus, with equal or better quality.

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