E-P5 images leaked

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Re: E-P5 images leaked

ogremage wrote:

Nice camera, but probably not for me. Although if the body + EV-4 weighs much less than E-M5 and doesn't cost a fortune then I could consider it. But it won't.

However, if they'd make a O-R5 or something which would be very similar but with an EVF in the top left corner, I'd definitely buy it.

By the way, what are the odds the new VF-4 viewfinder works with older PENs, like the E-PM2?

Just what I was thinking.  Nice camera, but not for me.  I need an EVF most times I go shooting and I will get mad either having such a huge EVF attached all the time or having to put it on, while risking losing some small parts like covers or dropping/losing the EVF.

I love all those other improvements though.  So, I will watch with interest what the next OMD model will be like.  Built-in flash, 1/8000 sec, small AF box and other firmware improvements, improved IBIS, ...  and hopefully some innovative breakthrough features that the original OM-? SLRs gave in each new model.  In the meantime, I am afraid the E-P5 will eclipse my E-M5 and all other M43 cameras.  I admit I did not expect so much goodies in this model and it totally surprised me.  I will say to Olympus, that's the way, well done.  Don't hold back.

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