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Re: Book about Olympus PEN cameras

k0mit wrote:

I'm considering the E-P3, but notice there haven't been any books written about any of the PEN cameras since the E-P2 over two years ago.

No books, it's all about Googling around and inhabiting this forum to find information and to answer any questions. For instance I have a mess of pages that started about the E-PL1 but has expanded in places to cover others and now of course has a separate mess attached to the E-PL5.

Do any of you know of some good resources for information on setting up and using these great little cameras?  I would think someone would have been updating this series since these cameras are so popular.

As above, and also trawl my links page there somewhere where E-M5 setups also really apply to the E-PL5. Better than any books is the immediate response here to any possibly obscure question, OK you do have to do your homework to sift out the idiots from the sensible, but it is possible to learn a lot here, I certainly have.

As for considering the E-P3, it really is last generation camera and the E-PL5 smokes it for image quality, I have an E-P3 but never used much at all since the E-PL5 arrived. Even the ISO 200 noise is smaller and nicer in the E-PL5.

Currently the E-PL5 is the easiest to use of the Pens/OM-D because of the ability to assign MySets to the Mode dial. I keep boring people talking about that but it is a truly great feature.

Regards.... Guy

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