Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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[Sk8trguy] how is Canon + Adapter is worst than NEX + Adapter? Illogical argument

Sk8trguy wrote: sorry, but sticking a cheap corrective lens and adapter on a dslr and often losing the ability to focus at long distances and suffering bad vinetting, etc. is not a great argument.

I don't mean to be rude, but this part of your logic sound like complete BS.  You're claiming:

  • DSLR + Adapter = "losing the ability to focus at long distances and suffering bad vignetting"

How does that

  • Different from NEX + Adapter?  
  • How does adapter lose focus @ long distance.  Can NEX AF with a Canon FD adapter?

you also don't get focus peaking and other great manual focus tools because the nikon/canon dslrs are often very stripped down.

This part is true.  I love PEAKING, its the single most useful feature of sony NEX.  Since NEX AF is terrible, peaking really is the trick that saved NEX

nex also now adapters that turn canon/nikon lenses into faster aperture lenses without quality loss.  this of course is impossible to do on a dslr.

I recall its call magic something adapter. They're quite good, but also expensive around $500 each.  Then that take back to my argument.  You can buy a DSLR that shoots faster, and less bulk than a NEX + a magic adater + lens combo.

for everyone else go over to the nex forum and search on 'legacy lens'.  you will find hundreds of people who now use those formerly discarded lenses (because they do not work well on dslrs like peter claims) who get incredible results.  here is a great example...

Again, its a non-argument.  You can easily Manual Focus with any DSLR.

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