Epson R2000 vs R3000

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Re: Epson R2000 vs R3000

It's pretty easy once you figure out the settings.  Epson has a tutorial online that gives you a walk through on profiling.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Also, if you go to they have a good tutorial as well.  Also, you can save a lot of money using their inks and sending them profile charts and they will set up custom profiles for free with any papers/canvas, etc. you want to profile on.  That way you will have inks, printers and papers all in sync. I also use Datacolor's Spyder Pro4 for monitor calibration.

What's funny is Epson said they are using new inks in the Epson R2000 but they are the same inks as the R1800, etc.  ...other than loosing blue and adding orange ...and adding the catch term "glossy" to the inks!



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