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luke71933 wrote:

    I just got interested in photography, I was looking for a dslr to shoot videos of parkour(sport google it) but now I want to start photography too. Which Dslr would you think is good for me , the D3100 is the cheapest one, i really like it but I don't know if it would be good for me to learn on and don't know if it is able to take professional photos for when I get better. Is it worth it to spend a little more and buy the D5100 or the D3200 or the canon 600D ?

To shoot videos of a sport, any sport, means you are going to have use a camera with quick AF. This means Nikon and Canon are not ideal.

I prefer Nikon and Canon for still images because of their huge lens selection, flashes, and uprgrade paths.  But they are slow to focus in video.

Professional almost all use Nikon and Canon again due to the lenses.  For video they use manual focus because it gives them better control.  But for a hobbyist I think manual focus in video is asking too much, particularly when it will be fast moving people jumping over stuff looking for their own special place on youtube fail-videos. 

The Sony SLT system is not quite as good.  But for your mix of video and still images it seems the right choice.  I suggest the mid-level a57 and the kit lens to get you started.

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