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Re: New user of an IMAC

Keep in mind, Macs are not infallible, they are made of the same basic parts.  They can fail.

1.  Backup important files regularly (use time machine).

2.  Spend an hour after you first set it up simply playing around, try to do things by guessing.  You will learn by trying to do something in that first hour (this is an open book exercise, use the internet if you get stuck).

3.  If you use crtl commands on the PC, those are replaced by Apple key/Command Key commands.  ctrl-c to copy is command C on a Mac.

4.  Macs are not very different, so when you have a weird problem, odds are someone else out there has the exact same problem, making solutions easier to find.  It's not like PC's where you have thousands of configurations and device conflicts that are possible.

5.  When presented with a blank screen that you can't seem to escape, unplug all the USB cords you can.  Bad cables or malfunctioning external hard drive connections can sometimes lock up an iMac (has happened a few times to me) for no other apparent reason.  The computer was technically find, the bad cable simply caused this blank screen reaction until I unplugged it.

Best of luck with your new iMac!

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