Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: viewfinder differences?

jrtrent wrote:

happypoppeye wrote:

I just got back from three weeks in Asia and saw a total of one mirrorless camera (Nikon Jx). Every other tourist had Canon cameras with kit lens attached. The new lower level Canon SLR's are cheaper, have better IQ, have way many less "glitches", are proven and have that Canon name on them. Honestly, they aren't much bigger than many 43 now, especially with the kit lens compared to some of these lenses that are coming out for m43.

In my opinion, m43 only works when it is small, otherwise there is no reason for it ...and right now they are making the system bigger.

Don't know it if relates, but most of the people I know who switched from a compact point and shoot to something bigger did it primarily so they could actually see what they were taking a picture of.  The optical viewfinder of even an entry-level DSLR still looks better to most people than LCD's and EVF's, especially on a bright, sunny day.  On my last visit to a camera store, I heard several customers telling the sales personnel similar stories, such as, "Took a little trip to the ocean last weekend, but I couldn't see a durn thing on this viewscreen--every picture was just a guess!"  They take a T3 with kit lens ($449 new, $379 refurbished) outside in the sun, and come back in convinced.

Spot on jr. And Olympus still makes the majority of its m43 cams without an EVF. Sigh! And fanboys waffle on about the marvelous sensor (true) and the marvelous IBIS (true in the EM5 and upcoming E-P5 but rubbish in the other two Oly cams) and ignore the EVF issue. Don't they get it? you’ve got to be able to see your subject so you can use the sensor and IBIS!!!

Cheers, geoff

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