Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

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Re: Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

rsmithgi wrote:

Here are two options:

GX1 - $239 (new 42nd St Photo) or G3 - $249 (new B&H)

Panasonic 14-42 - $94 (used

Panasonic 45-150 - $200 (new

Total - $533 or $543


GX1 - $239 (new 42nd St Photo) or G3 - $249 (new B&H)

Pansonic 14-140 - $429 (used

Total - $668 or $678

You don't NEED the current generation cameras. You can save significant money buying an older generation camera and/or buying used.  Wait for a deal on the Sigma 19mm and/or Sigma 30mm and you can add two quality primes to your kit for $200. Finally, the 14mm panasonic can be found on ebay pretty cheap.

For $1000 you could have two bodies, several lenses and a flash.

GX1 - $239

G3 - $249

14-42 - $94

45-150 - $200

Sigma 19mm & 30mm - $200 (may have to wait for this deal to come around again)

FL-36 flash (used - $109

Total - $1006

You can pick these up gradually and build a very versatile kit.

This is as fantastic kit.  Truly.  Not sure where you got the notion m43 doesn't have good glass or is too expensive.  The lenses are really quite good with good selection.  And the G3 or GX1 bodies are very good.  Its a shame only Nikon or Canon are in the Big Box stories here in the US, I swear new photographers would buy m43 over Canikon most every time if they could see and touch.  More than one Canikon users has been positively green with envy at my small, versatile two body m43 kit.  I have already taken the picture while some others are pulling lenses out of their big back packs.

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