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Re: for some people build in VF is not good

DjarumBlack wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

The VF4 looks like a big fat thing that is even bigger than the VF2. Ridiculous.

It does look silly.  I suspect that size may have something to do with the 5-axis IBIS.  And, it is possible that Olympus will pass on the 5-axis IBIS to all its models.  That would really distinguish its cameras.

Sergey, the size of the VF4 obviously cannot have anything to do with the 5 axis IBIS. If it did, the IBIS would not work for most users who buy these cameras without an EVF because they don't wasn’t to use an EVF.

You are mindlessly parroting the mindless statements made in defense of the far-too-big hump on the EM5 that it was essential for IBIS. It was not and is not. It is simply styling.

So now you start off on another path -- 5 axis IBIS [i]might[/i] be extended to all models. It should be -- the IBIS in the E-PL3/5 and E-PM1/2 is not only functionally useless most of the time, it actually damages pictures. I might switch on my E-PL3s IBIS once a month for a few shots then switch it off again. I was very disappointed by this -- I actually bought into Oly partly because of the promise of IBIS.

In the meantime, Panasonic cameras are distinguished by in-camera CA correction, excellent OIS in most lenses (you never see anyone complaining about it; I found with the G1 it could be left switched on all the time because it helped when needed and did not damage images when it was not needed), and great ergonomics.

And the G and GH series have had built-in EVFs from the get go. Olympus [i]still[/i] offers only one camera with this facility.

Oh -- and Panny was the first m43 with focus peaking -- and that in a middle range camera.

Olympus is playing catch up with the E-P5.

Cheers, geoff

And how did this become a Panasonic vs Olympus thread? Both companies produce similar cameras with different feature sets that stand on their own merits.

You are right, Djarum. In my headspace this is the continuation of a stream of posts Sergey has made on threads about the G6 and the G5 before that, just mindlessly chanting his hyperbole about the Oly 16 MPX sensor while ignoring all other attributes (or the lack of them) on both sides and damning Panasonic for not putting the GH3 (or better, in his view, the EM5) sensor in those cameras which would result in Panny's early demise.

But there is a connection and it ought to be discussed. Neither the E-P5 nor the Olympus line up stands alone. They compete directly with Panny in the m43 field so there should be comparison (for example, I am now pretty firmly headed for a G6 to move up from my E-PL3; if the E-P5 had turned out to have a built-in EVF in addition to the built-in flash, I certainly would have given it serious consideration. As it is, it is not in the race.)

Further, for a more general market, the E-P5 is competing with other CSCs with both larger and smaller formats. A couple of them have built-in EVFs either not in a hump or in a very small hump. They need to be taken into account too in a discussion about the E-P5 and its merits.

Cheers, geoff

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