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luke71933 wrote:

    I just got interested in photography, I was looking for a dslr to shoot videos of parkour(sport google it) but now I want to start photography too. Which Dslr would you think is good for me , the D3100 is the cheapest one, i really like it but I don't know if it would be good for me to learn on and don't know if it is able to take professional photos for when I get better. Is it worth it to spend a little more and buy the D5100 or the D3200 or the canon 600D ?

The D3100 would be good to learn with as long as you do most of your shooting using the semi-Auto modes (Aperture priority and Shutter priority) or Manual modes. If you use the fully auto setting or scene modes you won't learn nearly as much or as quickly. DPR's D3100 review praised its image quality and autofocus system, and with its 14mp sensor it's a camera with higher resolution and better dynamic range than the DSLRs that many "pros" used not too many years ago. What the D3100 lacks are features that pros prefer, such as lots of buttons that allow them to keep shooting quickly without having to often slow down by going into menus to change settings.

What the pros have that you won't have (at least for a while, I'd guess) are the very expensive lenses and other gear that can help to get a higher "keeper" rate and post processing experience that can greatly improve the appearance of the images that you shoot.

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