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Re: another vote for older sensors being good enough most of the time ...

knickerhawk wrote:

Not that this quibble is particularly germaine to the issue of DR, but you might want to check the EXIF for the metering mode used.  This shot was obviously not spot metered on the Capitol considering the -.67 EC.

I do understand that. I didn't think I needed mention that many cameras are sensitive to the subject under the focus point, which was the blazing white building. I.e. the camera had already adjusted for it as a dominant portion of the images and as the focus point, but I added the extra compensation because it was basically glowing in the sunlight.

By the way, I lived in D.C. for a year, worked in a Congressional office next to the Capitol and know what 5:00 on a sunny day in March on the Mall is like.

I was extremely impressed with the mall ... designed to intimidate and darned good at it. It was also pretty warm and the sun was relentless.

Your subject was facing the sun, so he was well lit.  A black leather jacket in direct sunlight is not going to create a DR challenge (and it doesn't here).

This point is true. But his hair is not very reflective and contains shadows that did not grow excessively. In other words, there is lots if dark unreflective detail.

Sure.  It's a reasonably wide DR, but it's nothing close to the kind of problematic shooting scenario that would tend to produce significant problems for virtually any digital camera (at least at the displayed dimensions).

Fair enough. But we have always worried about wide DR because of the wedding in sunlight scenario and this is not far off. We want to hold highlights while getting some detail in black outfits.

So yes ... the OM-D would no doubt have had more headroom. But the practical question would seem to be "for what?"

I'm quite certain that you will come up with a snappy answer to that one lol ...

My answer is simple.  My EM-5 gives me more latitude - a bigger "buffer" for processing shots to my liking before running into visible issues with noise and blown highlights - compared to my EPL-1, for instance.

True. But would you eschew the EPL1 completely because of that? Or would you adapt your exposures and processing to do your best?

I "retired" my EPL-1 for two reasons.  First, I realized that I can't live without a VF and investing in an external one for the EPL-1 didn't make much sense to me.  Second,  I painstakingly convert everything I shoot from raw.  The noise and DR were bothersome enough for me that I longed for something better.  The EM-5 ain't perfect, but it's a significant step in the right direction.

Sounds about right to me. I prefer my GX1 and G5 over the GH2 and I prefer the GH2 over my GF3 ... but I still use the GF3 now and again because it is small and very convenient.

Sure, not every shot is going to push the limits, but enough of them do enough of the time that the perfectionist in me appreciates the benefits of the later generation sensor in the EM-5.

As did the perfectionist in me when I shot the D700 and D7000. And yet here I am shooting the Panny bodies and not pining for these other cameras. I always enjoyed the G10 and the D70s and the D2Hs and so on ...

Glad you did.  Apparently, my journey hasn't been as happy as yours.

I am always amazed when people castigate a sensor for having a hint of noise at 400 ISO ... in fact Digilloyd just did that about the OM-D and had me shaking my head


Proving that there is so much variances in opinions and personal standards that trying to reconcile these on a forum like this is folly.

Anyway, to each his own. there will always be people who assume that only the Sony sensor is worth owning.

I don't care who's name is on the camera body or sensor.  Agree on the YMMV comment though.

It isn't about the name Sony, but about the fact that this specific sensor tests very well at DXOMark and has some very loyal acolytes who cannot imagine why anyone would shoot something else.

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