Sony NEX 3N, 5R, or 6?

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Sony NEX 3N, 5R, or 6?

I'm looking to purchase my first camera above a point and shoot.  I've looked into most of the differences between each of the NEX cameras, but can't decide if the difference in price between them makes one more worthwhile than the others.

SUMMARY (for those who don't want to read): Which is a better value? (look for $ signs)

I had first planned on getting the 5R with the 16-50mm lens, but I can't find that combo anywhere.

So I thought I might jump up to the 6, but the price is a little high for me.

So onto the 3N I went. (just recently looked into this)

I'm looking on the Sony website to make my purchase as I can get $100 off my purchase.

NEX 3N - (16-50mm lens) - $450 --- (PROMO: w/ 55-210mm lens & 32gb memory card) - $705

NEX 5R - (18-55mm lens) (PROMO: w/ carrying case & 16gb memory card) - $600 --- (w/ 55-210mm lens at full price) - $950

NEX 6 - (16-50mm lens) - $900 --- (PROMO: w/ 55-210mm lens & 32gb memory card) - $1155

Prices above are WITHOUT the $100 off.

What camera is the best value? (really feel like I'll want the 55-210mm lens. I'm too used to zooming in from far away with past point and shoots)

- I just can't get the fact that I could get the NEX 3N with that lens and memory card for $605. That's like buying the 16-50mm zoom lens ($350) and 55-210mm lens ($350) & Sony just throwing in $100, a memory card, & THE CAMERA for FREE -

My thoughts...

Viewfinder & Hotshoe can be handy, but not a big concern to me.

Touch screen would be nice to make focusing easier. But not a need.

Image quality sounds like it would be about the same on all of them. ???

Main concern about the 3N is that it doesn't have the new hybrid focusing. Comments on that? (also the lower resolution much of an impact does that make?)

Not used to control dials, so if I'm missing them, I won't really notice. Though I would like to start learning more manual controls.

WiFi although gimmicky, has a few positives. (But seems like it would be better on future models)

My main reasoning toward getting the 3N now is that with both those lenses I could just upgrade my camera down the road (when something new comes out) and still have those lenses at a good price.

Any input would be much appreciated!

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