NEX for Aerial photography

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Re: NEX for Aerial photography

does anyone else have problems using an ipad to post replies? Just lost everything I previously wrote.

I dnot own or have first hand experience with a rc drone but I did a fair bit of research into ready to fly ones as I was interested in getting one.

The two I solutions that I came up with included both drones from DJI.

1) DJI Phantom with a GoPro (£800)

2) DJI s800 (£6000)

both products you can get cheaper but these are bundle prices and extra things I wanted. E.g video output through goggles. The return of the drone to 'home' when connection was lost or battery was low was a plus for me.

The one area I spent some time reading up on was how to reduce jello. E.g getting a prop balancer and balancing out the propellers reduced it quite a bit. Certainly for the Phantom which was the initial setup I wanted.

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