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Re: What's it over the EOM-D

Hen3ry wrote:

Huh? What does 1/8000 do?

What would a new sensor do?

The greatest need is for PENs to get a built-in EVF.

In my view, an E-series camera would have to mimic the OMD specs. If it exceeded them it would turn the OMD into a second rate camera in the eyes of the market; if it did not match them it would make the E-series cam second rate.

Why not just bring out a high quality adapter for E-series lenses to run on the OMD? Oly ran itself into a blind alley with the E-series; it should back out of there and cut its losses.

Cheers, geoff

Hi Geoff, I'll address point by point.

-1/8000 shutter is a creative tool, adding to the ability to freeze motion, to shoot fast lenses wide open in sunlight (preferably paired with base ISO of 100 or 50), to synch with flash at a higher speed. Generally they also have less lag time and a higher lifecycle, being more robust. Compare, for instance, an E-620 and an E-5--the difference is huge.

-New sensor would mean improvements in dynamic range and ISO ceiling, capabilities I'll insist on in an E-M5 replacement. Perhaps they'll increase the bit count as well (at last). CDAF incorporation would be welcome, too.

-I believe Oly has signaled their paths for Pen and O-MD and are reserving built-in EVFs for the latter. The E-P5 can be taken as the strongest signal to date that is the plan. I'll be surprised to see Pens with EVFs, and it's also the biggest reason I don't own a Pen.

At some point there will be a crossover but if CDAF could be handled by an adapter of some soirt it would sell (presuming it wasn't a grand). I think we're headed for a µ4/3 in-body solution along with a new straight E-series, in reverse order.



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