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Re: Jorginho, I think you are being over critical

Hen3ry wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

Om fora I expect people to agree on some things and totally disagree on others. This seems one of those occasions we completely disagree on about everything! And that is fine! Cheers, Geoff!

I should have added that I do like your crop of the bouquet throwing -- it adds some real urgency to the pic. This, however, will be the picture the official photographer will have done, I would think (depending on what she or he was engaged for) so it is good to present to us but the original might be a better pic to present to the bride and groom.

If he wants C&C I C&C his pics. I already said I understood very well eh is not THE photgrapher there so is restricted. Did not get to the place a couple of days pror to it, could make no demands etc.

The good point with he bouques hat he nailed the shot! To my mind, the framiis what he shold have done. You canexpect he wedding photographer to shoot more than the two involved in he wedding.

It is absolutely essential not to get in the way of the official photographer at these events who has set up the picture so as a guest you are precluded from the best shot a lot of the time.

I know. I already said that or things similar.

As a photographer of such an event, whether official or otherwise, the key at the end of the day is to have lots of people in the picture. The bride and her family and friends want the people in the pictures.

It doesn't stop there. You need to do this in a stylish way with some unexpected viewpoints. Best is to check for places where you have a good light, to get the right equipment with your for the place (a dark chruch really demands a flash to diffuse or bounce).

Cheers, geoff

Well, this all got me inspired and I have been reading on wedding photgraphy etc. Not that I'll ever do it most likely. if someone wants a free one who sees it as a way to enhance his shooting, they can "hire" me for free I guess. But they should not expect anything special. I would howver approach it in the best way I can. With a lot of preparation, visiting the site. reading upon tips an tricks etc.Have a laptop so they can see the results immediately etc.

But most likely, I'll never do one.

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