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The upcoming E-P5 looks to be a nice improvement over the previous E-P3 and an slight improvement over the E-M5.  The E-P5 if the rumors are correct has improved IBIS and AF over the E-M5.  It has the same sensor and image processor so the image quality is going to be about the same.  It wil get the smaller AF box that the E-PL5 has but the E-M5 doesn't.  It gets focus peaking.  It doesn't have weather-sealing and built-in EVF.  The cost difference between the E-P5 and the E-M5 is going to be interesting.  So one just have to look at the slight differences in features and price and choice.

Olympus at CP+ had a poster that showed that the E-P5, an OMD and an E-Series cameras are coming this year.  Is the OMD going to be the OMD-pro and be above the E-M5 or is it going to be a true replacement for the E-M5.  If it is a true E-M5 replacement, lets call it E-M6, it will get the E-P5 features and be weather-sealed and have a built-in evf.  This will be really nice.  If the next OMD is going to be a pro-level camera one can only dream what it is going to be like.

As the E-P5 specs are clarified we have a much better sense of the E-M5 successor. Along with the apparently improved IBIS, AF and engine, we'll get the 1/8000 shutter (hooray!)

Huh? What does 1/8000 do?

and high-rez EVF. All are welcome enhancements to current E-M5 shooters, but is it enough to trigger a round of upgrading? For myself, I'd also want a new sensor as part of the deal and if it has PDAF, all the better.

What would a new sensor do?

The O-MD series needs to be Oly's technology leader and not merely mirror what's already available in the Pen lineup.

The greatest need is for PENs to get a built-in EVF.

Pretty sure there will be one more E-series body. Does that leave room for the mythic "bridge" body? Heck if I know.

In my view, an E-series camera would have to mimic the OMD specs. If it exceeded them it would turn the OMD into a second rate camera in the eyes of the market; if it did not match them it would make the E-series cam second rate.

Why not just bring out a high quality adapter for E-series lenses to run on the OMD? Oly ran itself into a blind alley with the E-series; it should back out of there and cut its losses.

Cheers, geoff

If Olympus put an EVF in their PEN line, they'd be shunning customers like me who don't need or want the EVF. What would make more sense is a new rangefinder line with a built in EVF.

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