Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: vastly greater lens selection, superior controls, and better raw files

Christoph Stephan wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Christoph Stephan wrote:

Good luck with manual focussing using this electronic finder....

Its luck when you don't have a good VF, and NEX is darn good for MF... practically 100% of my photography with it.

Hmmm... I used live view and the 10x magnification on my EOS 40D and the flicering was really horrible - not a nice experience at all. For me, optical devices always beat electronic screens for focussing big time.

Even a small time lag of the electronic screen can cause one to "overshoot" when turing the fcus ring...

Of course the 1.6 crop camara finders are never as good as film SLRs or full frame SLRs - I was simply blown away when looking through the EOS 6D finder....

nex uses oled viewfinders and offers focus-peaking, something it seems you need to read and learn about.  with focus-peaking you see thewhole view (not 1/10th like you do) and it highlights exactly where the focus is.  it is about 1000 times easier that what you are doing.

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