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Re: Accident

Henry Stamm wrote:

I like the composition--something that's hard to do with people in motion.  That said, I have some questions.  Why shoot at ISO 200?  Also, why f8?  The shot works well for email or showing on your phone, but the larger image is blurry because the DOF and ISO prevented, I think, a faster shutter speed.  Were you shooting hand-held as well?  So the action isn't stopped.  The colors, of course, certainly are what we expect from Oly gear and the contrast is quite nice.  Regardless of my nits, you still end up with a nice shot of your daughter's acrobatic maneuver.

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Iso 200 is the base ISO of the E-620. Dynamic range is optimal in this setting. With a smaller aperture (higher f-value) there's a trade off between higher DOF and lesser sharpness of the 70-300 mm lens. I don't know exactly what's the optimum at which setting but have seen tests where you can see that the lens is optimal rond F6.3. So i'm limitting my settings at F8. The 70-300mm is also a bit soft at some ends.  The blur you see is also partly because i was following my daughter which gives some motion blur as you can see if you look at the letters behind my daughter. No tripod was used and settings were at IS 2. The light was changing every minute because of the clouded sky. This made getting the right settings at the right time even more difficult. I agree with a faster shutter speed results are a bit better but at pixel peeking level there is still some blur. The example below is taken with shutter speed 1/800 which is quite fast.

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