Panasonic DMC-GF1 strange behaviour GF1

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Re: Panasonic DMC-GF1 strange behaviour GF1

Hatelyr wrote:

Help please

Just bought a used GF1 of Ebay. Firstly checked the firmware which read 0.0 which I thought strange. Following that in P mode I reset the camera and formatted a card within the menus.  Starting taking shots, via the shutter button, instead of taking shots the camera was taking video. The option to use the camera as a camera was gone as were the camera options within the menus. Turning the camera off and then back on would return the camera back to how it should operate, though as soon as you reset the camera and format a card the camera would return to acting as a video camera only. Have tried different cards and the aforementioned still occurs so I think I can rule out faulty cards etc. Has someone previously tried to hack this camera (2009 model) FV9KB******. I hope I have explained myself clearly, apologies if I haven't

I have a GF1 and selling it on eBay.

1. Firmware version 0.0 is a good thing. That means it's tried and true hackable GF1. Returning to stock firmware is extremely easy. Download it from Panasonic website, put it on the root of the SD card, put the SD card in the camera and choose yes.

2. Camera starts in video mode when you press the shutter button. Did you check the camera is in movie mode? My hacked GF1 never does that. The camera option is ALWAYS present in the menu. Still not a big deal. Flash the stock firmware will solve the problem.

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