Some shots with one of the new (cheap!) AF macro extension sets

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Re: Some shots with one of the new (cheap!) AF macro extension sets

Thanks for the report. I am considering these as well so I am happy to hear they might be a good deal, at least if you don't really need heavy-duty stuff in this area and I don't think I do.

A couple of questions:

What makes you think the mount parts are aluminum? Simply the low weight or?

The weight specification I found on ebay for the Fotga rings is 50 g. I guess that's for both rings combined, which would make the Fotga set significantly lighter than the Kenko set (120 g combined). But does the 50 g figure I found match the actual weight as you can (hopefully) measure it?

I am a bit surprised when you say the rings work particularly well with the 100-300. The standard rule is to use extension tubes for shorter FLs and close-up lenses for longer ones since these combinations are the most efficient. You need a very strong close-up lens to increase max magnification significantly for shorter FLs. Conversely, you need a lot of tubing to increase magnification significantly with a longer tele. The max magnification of the 100-300 without any add-ons is 0.21 at 300 mm. With both tubes mounted, max magnification increases to 0.33, so not a whole lot more. With the Canon 500D +2 diopter close-up lens I bought for use primarily with the 100-300, max magnification is 0.73.

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