E-P5 images leaked

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Re: E-P5 images leaked

robonrome wrote:

Add-on viewfinder = no thanks.


Call me crazy. I happen to like photos of cats.

Agree. Are they mad. This isn't rocket science... Sony and Fuji can manage to put the evf into this body type. Wake up Olympus.

So are you saying that a sale to you is more important than a sale to me? I like the PEN line just fine without a viewfinder. When the E-P5 hits the stores, I will buy one. If it did have an EVF, then I wouldn't buy one. The sole reason I don't have an OMD is because it has features that I do not need.

There are just as many buyers who could care less about an EVF, but want the controls and features the E-PX series has always provided. Even if Olympus was going to make a rangefinder style camera, it probably would not be in the PEN line.

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