Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Paying high taxes is a bad thing. It is the reason America went to war to separate from England. It is the reason your prices on everything is much higher than the US. Our gov is trying to raise taxes and try to make internet sales pay taxes which is against our constitution instead of spending less on entitlements. Blame gov for closing stores, competition improves the breed, gov causes glut and waste.

This is way off topic (but then so was my comment about Amazon), but the Amazon Europe case isn't about high taxes, and nor is the War of Independence. My understanding of early US history is that the colonists were happy to pay taxes, in return for political representation (the colonies had no Member of Parliament).

True, but they got hot when they taxed tea and it was too high. While I agree taxes are needed no matter what country you live it. For what you get in Europe and some higher taxed countries is not that great and that money goes somewhere. We know a lot of our tax dollars go to corrupt, gov spending giving money to green companies that go bankrupt and other such nonsense.

It was clear in law that the colonists had a right to representation if they were being taxed. As a protest against being taxed, you had the incident with the tea in Boston.

Governments the world over are up to their eyeballs in debt, due to having to bail out financial institutions who, despite being subject to the forces of competition, were guilty of the same glut and waste you so dislike.

Problem being, too few gov officials are ever jailed for corruption, where as at least here if there is corruption in corps, they at least have the chance to  go to jail if they are a corporate thief. Obama will never go to jail for bailouts to companies that go under that helped get him elected or were his bed mates.

When Governments are implementing austerity measures and need the tax income to rid themselves of this debt, for a corporation to use Tax Avoidance tactics so they pay no tax at all in a certain country for three years is unethical. It is also evidence of a corporation who do not believe in your stated belief of the positive value of competition, because they are clearly tipping the playing field.

There are two ways for gov to get corps to do what government wants them to do (meaning the right thing), punitive and incentive.

You can set a rule, if the corp violates the rule you tax tax or punish it with a fine, corps will leave your country in favor of a country without those rules (China). Or you can offer tax incentives or tax deductions when they do the right thing to encourage them to stay in the country..The same applies to children, hit them with the belt when they don't do the dishes, offer them an allowance, rights to use the car, get special treatment when they do the right thing. Which works better? That is a rhetorical question and you don't need to answer it.

Problem is when corps can pay off gov officials to serve their special interests it doesn't matter what type of gov you have it falls to corruption. The only answer to that is to have less gov and gov officials have less power over people and corps. The more power the officials have the more incentive for corps to pay those people off because they have power. No power, no payoffs. Less power, less payoffs.

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