What makes Pentax special?

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Re: What makes Pentax special?

I do not have the time to read all of the psots so this has probably been mentioned

Backwards compatability is what separates Pentax from the others.  Virtually all lenses can be used with current DSLRS.  I know with my 1st D I believe I cannot use SDM AF lenses and maybe some of the DA lenses.  But I have a fair amount of SMC-A lenses and they function perfectly on the 1st D, K-5 and K-01 as well as other Pentax DSLRs.  Even my latest find from a pawn shop is a, I believe, 1960 era Takumar manual aperature 135mm f3.5, M42 screw mount (you have to buy the M42 mount that couples with the k mount) that works perfectly in aperature priority (you manually have to set the aperature just like we did it back in the film days) and manual modes.  The machining on this lens puts the plastic wonders of today to shame.

That coupled with the small size, low weight and excellent ergonomics (many will take issue to this statement for the K-01) makes for the ideal DLSR.  Been with Pentax for over 30years and at a few months shy of being 69 I have no plans to change.

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